Half full? Half empty?

Differing perspectives of Chronic Illness and Affliction. Gift? Curse? What influences our perspective? Who influences our perspective? How does this affect our coping with chronic illness, disease and disability? Article working.. Stop back soon! 🙂

By any other name…

What is Chronic Illness? Disability? Disease? Affliction? Health? Healing? How are these conditions the same? How are they different? What influences how these are defined? Manifested? How does this affect one's ability to cope with affliction? .... Article working... Please stop back! 🙂  

What brings you to my office today?

A narrative is the story of what has happened in a person’s life. It is a construct of events created to facilitate communication, and it is influenced by emotion, perception, and motivation. Cheryl Mattingly (2000) describes a narrative as a transformative mechanism giving importance to something that might have been otherwise been forgotten. Your story... Continue Reading →

What is Inclusion?

Modern movements for the rights of individuals with disabilities have been diligent in separating disability from illness in an attempt to reframe how disabled people have been seen under the dominant medical model construct. Under this construct, a disabled person is medically assessed, diagnosed, and treated most often in isolation (Laing, 1971). Their disabling condition... Continue Reading →

Why does it hurt?

Does the mind influence the body, and can the body alter the mind? To better understand the healing process, consideration of how illness is perceived by the patient and by the treating professional must be given. If illness is only seen as a physical phenomenon that a person’s mind has no control over, then a person’s... Continue Reading →

Where does it hurt?

To understand the healing process we must first identify what it is that needs to be healed. The typical method for identifying illness or injury is known as the “medical model.”  The medical model is “the traditional approach to the diagnosis and treatment of illness as practiced by physicians in the Western world since the time of... Continue Reading →

I’m what???

"You are healed!" Is he kidding me? I thought. Were we both looking at the same X-ray? Yes, we were, I realized as I saw my name on the bottom of the screen indicating that it was indeed my ankle those plates and screws were permanently affixed to. And the doctor calls this healed??  My... Continue Reading →

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